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"Where is Great Grandma Hiding? Finding Forgotten Females" by Sandra MacLean Clunies

Speaker: Sandra MacLean Clunies, CG
Talk: "Where is Great Grandma Hiding? Finding Forgotten Females" [S-318]
Date: Saturday, April 9, 2011
Time: 1:45pm

The photo remained hidden for decades in obscure family records. As did a poem she wrote about death. This elusive great-grandmother died in Massachusetts in childbirth at age 30 in 1872. What was her real first name? Did her sons forget her? Where was she born? Why did such a young mother write such a sad poem?

This lovely young woman was the inspiration for the NERGC 2011 lecture “Where is Great-Grandma Hiding? Finding the Forgotten Females” which will take place on Saturday, 9 April at 1:45 pm.

It took several years of research to uncover all the facts, filled with distracting detours as I had to discount many misleading details found in books and federal records.  I have found other elusive female ancestors by expanding the search circle to include all the men in their lives. Walk with me on this journey of discovery and add to your own toolkit to learn more about your own “mystery mamas.”

Our foremothers are more challenging to identify than our forefathers for many reasons including laws and customs. Learn some successful strategies to use in your hunt for that elusive female ancestor. 

Sandra MacLean Clunies, CG

Sandra MacLean Clunies, CG is a professional genealogist, author and lecturer. Past president of the National Capital Area Chapter of APG, and a past member of the APG Board of Directors, she has served on the adjunct faculty of NIGR and IGHR.  She is a past winner of the NGS Family History Writing Contest and received the 2009 Grahame T. Smallwood Jr. Award by APG for meritorious service.

The New England Regional Genealogical Conference (NERGC)

The New England Regional Genealogical Conference (NERGC) is being held April 6-10, 2011 in Springfield, MA. More information is available from the conference website.


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