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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Legal Genealogist Comes to NERGC! Welcome to Providence, Judy Russell!

The Legal Genealogist Judy G. Russell is a genealogist with a law degree. She writes, teaches and lectures on a wide variety of genealogical topics, ranging from using court records in family history to understanding DNA testing. A Colorado native with roots deep in the American south on her mother’s side and entirely in Germany on her father’s side, she is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, the National Genealogical Society and numerous state and regional genealogical societies. She has written for the National Genealogical Society Quarterly and National Genealogical Society Magazine, among other publications. On the faculty of the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, the Institute for Genealogy and Historical Research in Alabama, and the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh, she is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Board for Certification of Genealogists, from which she holds credentials as a Certified Genealogist℠ and Certified Genealogical Lecturer℠.

Judy's presentations include:

No Person Shall... Gallop Horses in the Streets (T-105)
Facts, Photos and Fair Use (T-122)
Don't Forget the Ladies: A Genealogists Guide to Women and the Law (F-215)
How Knowing the Law Makes Us Better Genealogists (S-334)

Judy will also be the speaker for the Saturday luncheon sponsored by The Massachusetts Genealogical Council.

Roadblocks, Red Lights and Detours: Records Access for Genealogists  (S-317)
This was supposed to be the Age of the Information Superhighway. Instead, even as so many records are coming online, doors are being slammed shut on so many more – often records that aren’t and won’t be online, now and perhaps ever. As a community and as individuals, learn what we can do to protect records access.
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