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Have Lunch with a Professional Genealogist

On Saturday, April 9, 2011, members of the New England Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists (NEAPG) will host a luncheon for the New England Regional Genealogical Conference (NERGC). This luncheon hosted by the NEAPG provides attendees the opportunity to talk with others about a focused genealogical topic during lunch. Each topic table will be moderated by a professional genealogist and NEAPG member.

Topics and table numbers will be available on the NERGC website prior to the conference, and also on-site at the conference. This list is subject to change. Seating at each table is first come first served.

Register for this luncheon through the NERGC online registration.  You can sign up even if you have already registered for the conference. For those who have already registered just type in your email address to bring up your account.

TOPIC: People of Color research
The African American topic table is for anyone interested in African American research.
TOPIC MODERATORS: Marian Pierre-Louis – Fieldstone Historic Research & Cheryll Toney Holley – Past Tense Genealogy

TOPIC: Italian/Italian-American
This table is for anyone interested in Italian research.

TOPIC: Scots Irish Research
The Scots Irish topic table is for anyone interested in Scots Irish research.

TOPIC: German Research
The German topic table is for anyone interested in German research.
TOPIC MODERATOR: Leslie Huber, author of The Journey Takers

TOPIC: Northern New England and Eastern Canadian Native American Indian research

TOPIC: Lineage societies. For Mayflower, DAR, Colonial Dames, etc.
How to apply to lineage societies like the Mayflower Society, DAR, United Empire Loyalists, and the Ancient and Honorable Artillery, among others. Tips on what they require, conducting efficient research and selecting proper documentation.
TOPIC MODERATOR: Polly FitzGerald Kimmitt, CG℠ - Kimmitt Genealogical Research

TOPIC: Maine
Solving genealogical problems with Maine ancestors--What types of resources are there? Where can you find them? How knowing local history can help you find those elusive ancestors.
TOPIC MODERATOR: Carol P. McCoy, Ph.D. -

TOPIC: Military, past Wars, POW's and MIA's
Information will be provided for which overseas cemetery contains the memorial for a WW II missing soldier. Whether a POW/MIA soldier from WW II, Korea, and Vietnam may possibly have now been recovered with identification pending, and an explanation of submitting mtDNA for identification of Korea casualties. Further information will be given in a hand-out for those wishing to request copies of a soldier's personnel record including his deceased personnel file for those killed-in-action. The hand-out will also provide internet sites that may provide further information regarding the combat activity that took the soldier's life.

TOPIC: British Research (census, parish records)
The British Research topic table is for anyone interested in British research.

TOPIC: DNA/Surname DNA Projects
Discussion of how DNA surname projects can help solve genealogical dead-ends
TOPIC MODERATOR: Pam Stone Eagleson, CGsm – Gen-nections

TOPIC: Self-publishing
Want to publish your family history, but don't know where to start? Explore the possibilities at this NERGC sponsored luncheon hosted by Maureen Taylor. Bring your questions about traditional publishing, non-print ways to tell your family story, and print-on-demand.
TOPIC MODERATOR: Maureen Taylor –

TOPIC: Strategies for doing Jewish Genealogy
Talking about online resources especially useful to Jewish genealogy
and looking at strategies for dealing with morphing personal, family,
and place names.
TOPIC MODERATOR: Meredith Hoffman - GenerationsWeb

TOPIC: Irish Research
Irish research on this side of the Atlantic and on the Emerald Isle. Unique resources and challenges are explored with one of the more challenging ethnic groups to research. Methodology for Irish research could be discussed along with unique political and religious divisions.
TOPIC MODERATOR: Mike Brophy – Brophy Professional Genealogy & Heir Searching

TOPIC: DNA Testing and Genealogy
Join this round table to discuss how DNA testing can break through your genealogical brick walls. Talk with others interested in using DNA to answer long standing questions, or see how you "relate" to others who have tried genealogical DNA testing.
TOPIC MODERATOR: Shellee Morehead - Shellee Morehead Ph.D.

TOPIC: Polish Research
Come and join this table to discuss research into your Polish ancestry. This will be an opportunity to exchange with others your success stories and problems researching in Poland or ways to locate the place of origin of your ancestors in Poland.
TOPIC MODERATOR: Tim Firkowski – The Genealogy Assistant

TOPIC: Research of New England Gravestones
One of the most rewarding experiences in genealogy is researching, locating and photographing the gravestones of your New England ancestors. With so many graveyards, how do you find your dead folks? Can you rely on the information carved on the stones? How do you tell if the gravestone is an original or a replacement? Until a few years ago, gravestone work was difficult to accomplish but now technology has made this an engaging experience for all family historians.
TOPIC MODERATOR: Midge Frazel – Midge Frazel Consulting

TOPIC: Colonial New England Research
The Colonial New England Research topic table is for anyone interested in Colonial New England research.
TOPIC MODERATOR: September McCarthy

TOPIC: Vermont Research
The Vermont Research topic table is for anyone interested in Vermont research.
TOPIC MODERATOR: Cathi Desmarais – Stone House Historical Research

TOPIC: New Hampshire Research
The New Hampshire Research topic table is for anyone interested in New Hampshire research.
TOPIC MODERATOR: Diane Florence Gravel CG℠

The New England Regional Genealogical Conference (NERGC) is being held April 6-10, 2011 in Springfield, MA. More information is available from the conference website.   


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