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Society Profile - The Connecticut Society of Genealogists, Inc.

The Connecticut Society of Genealogists is one of the 22 participating societies in the 2011 New England Regional Genealogical Conference (NERGC).

The Connecticut Society of Genealogists, Inc. is one of the largest and most active non-profit genealogical societies focused on a state. (See We are proud to sponsor John Philip Colletta as speaker at New England Regional Genealogical Conference banquet dinner S-341 on Saturday, April 9, 2011.

Founded in 1968, The Connecticut Society of Genealogists, Inc. members led the fight to gain access to vital records for genealogists and has continued to actively promote genealogical research and access.

For 43 years we have published The Connecticut Nutmegger, our journal-of-record for documented genealogical articles. Since 2008 we have published Connecticut Genealogy News, an illustrated quarterly magazine of news and information.

The Connecticut Society of Genealogists, Inc. is one of the few facilities-based genealogical societies and maintains a research library at 175 Maple St. in East Hartford, CT. The facility provides a resource and archival repository for members and provides public access to genealogical resources and data. The library contains thousands of documents and over 5,000 books and more than 18,000 member pedigree charts.

The Connecticut Society of Genealogists, Inc. has worked to strengthen the broader genealogical community by taking an active role as:
  • l A Charter Member of the New England Regional Genealogical Conference
  • l A Founding Member of the federation of Genealogical Societies
  • l An Organizational Partner of Connecticut Explored magazine
  • l Hosting/sponsoring genealogical seminars & workshops
  • l Participating in Festivals, Fairs and other genealogical events.

To acknowledge, promote and encourage high standards in genealogical publication, CSG Inc. established a Literary Awards program in 1988. The Awards are presented at the CSG Annual Meeting in May. Prizes are awarded in four categories: family history (The Brainerd T. Peck Award), genealogy, genealogical resources and genealogical essay. The winner of the “Genealogy” category receives a porringer, $1,000 and a citation. Prizes in the other categories range from $500 to $250. The contest is open to all. See the CSG website for rules and entry forms.

The Connecticut Society of Genealogists, Inc. works with the Town Clerks of Connecticut to ensure responsible use of access to vital records. We require our members to subscribe to a Code of Ethics for the use of public records, and we are responsive to the Town Clerks in the enforcement of that code.

The Connecticut Society of Genealogists, Inc. promotes genealogical education. We hold an Annual Seminar in the Fall, featuring prominent speakers and experts. It maintains a Speakers’ Bureau that responds to requests for genealogical programs. It holds periodic classes in basic and advanced genealogy. We hold eight monthly meetings during the year at which our members meet for fellowship, the mutual exchange of information and to hear speakers on relevant topics.

The Connecticut Society of Genealogists, Inc. vigorously supports publication and has sponsored several books including: Families of Early Hartford, Families of Early Milford, Families of Early Guilford, Connecting to Connecticut and the Nutmegger Index.

The Connecticut Society of Genealogists, Inc. works to put more genealogical data on-line. The entire collections of The Connecticut Nutmegger and Connecticut Genealogy News can be searched through our website. Members have free access to and its growing collection of National Archive records. We have an active project to place our pedigree chart index and the Hale Headstone index of Connecticut gravestones on-line.

Join us not just for what you can get but for what you can give to support research, preservation and dissemination of your precious Connecticut heritage.

Visit our Booth at NERGC for membership forms, books and information.

The Connecticut Society Of Genealogists, Inc.
P.O. BOX 435
(860) 569-0002

The New England Regional Genealogical Conference (NERGC) is being held April 6-10, 2011 in Springfield, MA. More information is available from the conference website


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