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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

When and Where: Cemetery Tours

Please provide your own transportation to the cemetery.  The cemetery is about three quarters of a mile from the hotels, a walkable distance, but keep in mind that you’ll also be walking in the cemetery. The better option is driving, and we encourage attendees to carpool in order to keep traffic in the cemetery to a minimum.  Take a right out of the Sheraton parking garage onto Boland Way; take the first right onto Main St.; take the second left onto State Street.  Then pass Willow on your right and almost immediately take Dwight Ext. on your right.  Merge onto Maple Street.  The address of the cemetery is 171 Maple Street, with the entrance (Cemetery Avenue) just before the intersection of Maple and Central Streets.  Please note that Cemetery Avenue does not look like a street and is a bit obscure as it sits in-between two buildings.  Just beyond Avon Place on the left, look for some dark red stone posts, and enter Cemetery Avenue between the posts. 

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